1. Do I have to be a recent DAISY Award Honoree to apply for the Cherokee Nursing Conference
    Scholarship (CNCS)? 

    Any DAISY Award Honoree in any country who is registered with The DAISY Foundation is eligible to apply
    for this scholarship. 

  2. The application asks for a link to my Spotlight on The DAISY Foundation website, but it isn’t there.
    What do I do?

    Please contact your DAISY Coordinator at the organization where you received your DAISY Award. They will need to submit your name and information to The DAISY Foundation to get you registered. Your DAISY Coordinator will then be able to share the link with you. If you don’t know who your DAISY Coordinator is, please reach out to ChristinaJohnson@DAISYFoundation.org. 

  3. I work at a DAISY organization, but I am not a DAISY Award recipient. Can I still apply for the scholarship?Unfortunately no. This is a benefit available only to DAISY Award Honorees.

  4. How do I know if I have been selected as a CNCS winner?  
    Cherokee Uniforms will inform you by email. 

  5. I previously applied for the CNCS scholarship but did not receive one. Do I need to apply again?
    Yes, to be considered you do need to re-apply each year. Your previous application is no longer available
    for consideration.

  6. I received the CNCS scholarship in the past. May I apply again?
    CNCS winners are not eligible to receive another scholarship for 2 years after they receive one. 

  7. Are there any restrictions on the conference I can attend? 
    There are two criteria that scholarship recipients must follow when choosing a conference:
    -The conference must offer continuing education credits.
    -The conference must be held within 12 months of you being awarded the CNCS (e.g., scholarship is awarded
    in January 2022, conference must occur no later than December 2022). **Please note,  if your conference is cancelled or scheduled for the following year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can make an exception to
    this policy if notified in advance in writing. 

  8. What kind of conferences can I attend? 
    Your choice! As long as the conference meets the criteria mentioned above in #7. 

  9. If selected, what are the next steps?
    You will receive a detailed email, which will include the requirement to submit a signed Authorization to Release Information form, Publicity Release form, Consent to Photograph form, Conference Enrollment receipt, a digital photo of yourself, and a completed W-9 form (for tax reporting purposes). Winners living outside the United States will be required to provide a completed W-8 form. Cherokee Uniforms will promote recipients on its digital platforms, in the media and in social media.

  10. What is covered under the scholarship?
    CNCS provides up to $2,000 (USD) for use toward attendance (in person or virtual) at any nursing conference in the U.S. or internationally that is preapproved by Cherokee Uniforms in writing.  The stipend may be used to pay for registration fees, hotel, transportation, or any other conference-related expenses. 

  11. Still have questions? Please contact CNCS@careismatic.com