Everett Moss - Paramedic/RN - DAISY Award Honoree.

Your journey continues here.

The CNCS is an annual program that provides DAISY Honorees the opportunity to apply for a conference scholarship to support professional advancement by acquiring credits for their licensure, credentialing or overall career development. 10 DAISY Nurses will be selected based on applications submitted to us to receive up to a $2,000 (USD) scholarship to assist with conference attendance.

Applications are now closed.


Applications for 2023 will be accepted from September 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022. Recipients will be announced January 2023.
You may confirm that you are registered by clicking here and searching for your name.

If selected, applicants  agree to work with Cherokee Uniforms to create social media content for promotional purposes. 

Conference attendance must be completed within 12 months
of receiving the award.

Your application will be judged by a panel of esteemed nurses who share our passion for ensuring that nurses continually develop their professional skill and care.  They are looking for your description of your goals as a nurse and how this conference will help you achieve them.

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Notification of Selection

Individuals selected for the Cherokee Nursing Conference Scholarship will be notified by e-mail. Recipients will be required to submit a signed Authorization to Release Information form, Publicity Release form, Consent to Photograph form, Conference Enrollment receipt, a digital photo of themselves, and a completed W-9 form (for tax reporting purposes). Recipients living outside the United States will need to provide a completed W-8 form. Cherokee Uniforms and the DAISY Foundation will promote recipients on its digital platforms, in the media and in social media.


Cherokee Nursing Conference Scholarships provide up to $2,000 for use toward attendance (in person or virtual) at any nursing conference approved in advance by Cherokee Uniforms. The stipend may be used to pay for registration fees, hotel, transportation or any other conference-related expenses.


The Cherokee Nursing Conference Scholarship accepts international applications. Should an international applicant be selected to receive a scholarship their scholarship will be wired to them in US dollars. Recipients are responsible for any bank transaction fees that might lower the total amount of the scholarship.